Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Question: Customized beds

My customized bed arrived last week. The poor thing had to endure scratches because it made an entrance from the terrace. The staff had to put so much effort to lift it from the ground. The rain's crazy downpour made it a lot more difficult she said. A staff will be back to do some repair. I hope they won't charge me additional for that. It was humongous, it ate more than the space I initially figured it would. It left barely enough space for passage when the tray is pulled down.

The inner has shelving which is an ideal storage for the bedding and the pillows. I was surprised that a mattress was included. I didn't notice that it was stated in the receipt until my mom told me it really was. Attached to it is a Velcro strap to keep it from falling once you decide to push it back in its shell. The mattress is from Uratex. The whole piece is made of mahogany.

So there you have it. The bed which took 45 working days in the making has provided me with good sleep and my very first nightmare of Kokey. I'm not kidding.

The bed is from Ihnukit. Here's a snippet about the furniture maven:
Established in July 2005 by Angelo Santiago, a manufacturer, trader, exporter and distributor of kiln dried woodworks and woodcrafts.

An expert with mixed media, combining indigenous materials with wood and metal that exudes quality, distinctive designs and polished craftsmanship.
Customized bed costs P25,000 depending on the size. Expect them to deliver the bed right into your doorstep.

3RD/ Level, Home Market Section
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig,
Tele: (632) 728-4209

Got Questions? Email us at houseofonika@gmail.com

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