Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Maarten Bass sits on one of his clay collections

From threelayercake.com:
Maarten Baas is a young product designer who skipped the lower and middle rungs on the ladder of success and went straight to the top. His line of furniture, Smoke, which includes blow-torched versions of design classics like Gerrit Rietveld's Zigzag chair featured at right, brought him worldwide attention when Murray Moss commissioned him to do an exhibit, Where there’s Smoke..., of one-off pieces at his store Moss, in New York, in 2004. (Select pieces of the Smoke collection are now in production by Moooi.) From there, he hasn’t turned back, nor has the world turned its back on him.

Design journalists questioned whether his Smoke pieces were iconoclastic, whether the approach was almost a nose-thumbing at all-things design. None of that. It was Maarten’s intellectual curiosity, born during his student days and which remained during his transition into post-university world. What would happen if… Not if in physical terms, but if of all the philosophical questions Maarten had about design at the moment.
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Pieces of furniture are literally burned, after which they are preserved in a clear
epoxy coating. Except for three baroque products, which are reproduced by the Dutch label Moooi, all Smoke products come from the Baas & den Herder studio in The Netherlands. Since 2004 gallery Moss and Maarten Baas collaborate
on the “Where There’s Smoke…” series: a Smoke collection of well known design classics of a.o Rietveld, Eames and Gaudi. Besides this series, Baas has done commissions for collectors and museums around the world.


D'Oliveira said...

Have you met Boca do Lobo? It’s a pleasure to share it with you.


House of Onika said...

Thanks for the comment. We appreciate it. Looking at their site right now.

House of Onika said...

Thanks for the comment. We appreciate it. Looking at their site right now.

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