Friday, August 8, 2008

Curtain rods for a curved window

It is the master bedroom but I don’t like calling it that because it implies that the other bedrooms (or its occupants) are somehow inferior. So I call it the Mom and Dad bedroom. It has a bow window that looks out on the street and the swimming pool of the clubhouse. It also has sliding French doors that lead to our garden.

The room used to be in light blue. I have nothing against light blue except that, save for the kitchen, our old house was painted entirely in light blue. It’s sick of light blue, I am, to be honest. So, I chose light green. Fresh. Uplifting. Like spring. We still have a lot of bare walls (in the bedroom and the rest of the house) and we’re hoping to do something about them before the year ends. For now, we’re just happy to enjoy our new house.

We hired a professional curtain maker to deal with the problematic bow window. After much discussion over the fabric and the color of the fabric, it was Speedy who chose a very light yellow-green material. I chose the grommet-topped curtain style. A metal rod was bent and shaped to fit the curve of the bow window. Oh, never mind the inverted L cable on the wall. That’s the phone line which still has to be fitted with plastic moulding or something.

Grommet-topped curtains for the sliding door that leads to the garden

The sliding French doors that lead to the garden were likewise fitted with curtains — style, fabric and color the same as the bow window.

The side tables have matching bamboo lamps (P800.00 per from Kultura Filipino boutique at SM Megamall). Each table has a different assortment of mess though.

Bedside lamp

Okay, I cheated when I took these photos. I cleaned up my side table so you won’t have to see the keys, the pieces of paper, the manila enveloped bulging with documents, the books I have finished reading but haven’t returned to the shelves… I didn’t bother cleaning up Speedy’s.

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