Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mall Rats

Holidays in the Philippines means the arrival of my relatives from all over.

Last year, my self-confessed shopaholic aunt wanted a tour of the newly built "temples" in Manila.

The last time I was in Trinoma, Landmark was still under construction. Today, it was bustling with consumers (despite being the first day of the year).

The first thing one would notice upon entrance are their edgy lighting. Unlike the one in Glorietta, this QC counterpart is spacious. Or it just look like it. The designer must have been very cautious about visual space during planning.

It actually reminded me of SM department store's opposite feel. SM department store recently had a face lift but failed in its attempt to liven up the space. Personally, it looks dull despite the splash of colors. I think what the designer wanted to achieve was the harmony between the floor and the ceiling but compromised visual space.

Glass glow: Trinoma Landmark gets A+ for lamp designs and spacious

Two among interesting stores in Trinoma:

Living up to its name: Artwork on Sale

Colorful skinnies: Jeans from EUED (Europen Edition)

And then we hopped to the other side of the metro to finally visit Greenbelt 5

You be the judge. I was floored when I stepped into this lifestyle haven. Andrew Tan's designers should definitely take queue from Greenbelt 5's chic interiors. You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

Upon the mall's entrance

Poinsettias fronting Kenneth Cole

Lighting really makes a huge difference

I was mesmerized by these cylindrical drop lights. They are like hanging art works. One thing I admire about its whole layout was how the designers fused Pinoy ingenuity using woven-like wall installations in specific areas.

Third floor. Greenbelt 5 has only three floors but an atrium can be found on its farthest end which compensates for its humble space.

Here's another restaurant with an obviously delayed opening

Restaurante Pia Y Damaso at the background.

Third floor overlooking the atrium

The atrium. I'm supposing it'll have some water element in it soon.

Very Trinomaesque

I would suggest they put railings especially on the last few steps because a little push can get you straight to Makati Med or worse escort you to meet Padre Damaso.

Going out on the break of the new year can be refreshing since the streets are almost empty and people are scarce but since most stores are closed it may dampen most shopaholics' spirits. Save for some like Max Studio in Greenbelt 4 which is currently on sale up to 60%.

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