Friday, September 19, 2008

A Guide to Home Security

Reduce the risk of your home being burgled by making sure you’ve taken these simple (and often inexpensive) precautions.

Most burglaries are carried out by opportunist thieves. In two out of 10 burglaries, they don’t even have to use force - they get in through an open door or window. So fit strong locks to your doors and windows and make sure you always keep them fully locked.

If you are replacing or fitting new doors and windows, get ones that are certified to British Standard BS7950 (windows) or PAS 24-1 (doors). Look at your home through a burglar’s eyes.

  • How would you get in if you’d forgotten your keys? If you can get in, so can a burglar.

  • Are there places where they could break in without being seen?

  • Would they have to make a lot of noise by breaking glass? shows us how. Click here to learn how to manage risks in home security or totally shoo burglars away from our homes.

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