Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Billionaire Heiress Spends Millions on Real Estate

A $550,000 summer rental. A $10 million Time Warner aerie. Diane Von Furstenberg’s $23 million Village townhouse (inset photo). Her tycoon daddy has been very nice to New York’s first Russian-American princess.-via nymag

All that were spent by Anna Anisimova which was tagged as the 18th on the list of the world's top billionaire heiresses.

The top 5 heiresses that could spend a fortune on homes

5 - Samantha Kluge 9.5Bn
4 - Georgina Bloomberg - 11.5Bn
3 - Marta Ortega Perez 24Bn (Father started Zara)
2 - Delfin Arnault (Daughter of Louis Vuitton's 26Bn
1 - Vanisha Mittal - 51Bn (Indian father owns steel company)

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