Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My friends thought our feet did enough scouring in Glorietta and had to take their rightful break from the old buzz. So the next logical choice was TriNoma. As proof that Filipinos are mall rats, Trinoma was packed despite several on-going constructions.

Ayala's dedication for self-sustained structures manifests in this new business venture. It houses an oasis that speaks of clean and green but smokers in between.


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We were first timers at TriNoma so we didn't really mind sweeping the entire mall until we say die.

As I've read in blogs and heard from other people, the mall is like a maze whose stores were not distinctly segregated. Low, middle and upper classes are more likely to brush against each other's shoulders. Bad news for the "fierce and fabulous and pretentious," good news for us.


Some merchandises usually found only as sections in Rustan's have their own stores in TriNoma. In an effort to keep it more distinct from its Makati counterpart, they decided to install live mannequins. We happen to take a photo of one of them.

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