Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Croc Bags as Home Accessory

When we saw this our imagination went gaga. Our little nieces would love these as trinkets for their bedrooms! We're sure we're gonna get these colorful bags as accents once their room makeovers are done and we're sure to share them here.

Fashpack writes:
We know a lot of people are not so fond of crocs. neither were we because let's face it they are not the prettiest shoes. but kids love 'em. maybe because they look like toys. bright-colored, weird-looking, er, thingies. but when we were given a pair of mary janes and decided to wear them one weekend trip to tagaytay, we swear, we didn't want to take them off. it's like walking on a couple of soft, bouncy, rubbery surfaces. so comfy! no suffering for fashion here. (suffer lang ang porma mo, hehe...) they've seen us through more tagaytay trips, beach bumming, singapore and hong kong shopping sprees... but not all crocs are created equal, according to our feet. those primas are the cutest ones but unfortunately left us with chafed backs—you know, that bone that curves inward right above your heel? we're still trying to get rid of the scars in that area. but maybe it's just us. now crocs has come up with new styles to take to tagaytay trips, beach bumming, singapore and hong kong shopping sprees, not to mention to picnics and maybe even to palengkes: the croslite bag.
Click for More Colors! more styles! just be careful not to get any sand or water or peanuts escape through those holes...

croslite bags, P1,650 each. for a crocs near you, go here. via fashpack

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