Monday, October 13, 2008

Derek Ramsay's Victorianne


Victorianne is the townhouse development in La Posada at Britanny Bay. Inspired by San Francisco's famed "postcard row," Victorianne offers the stylish old world elegance of neo-Victorian design with flat canopies, bay windows, roof shingles and eaves with brackets.

There are two types to choose from: Duetto and Quadrille. Duetto units are two units built back to back. Floor area is 88 sq.m. Quadrille units are 4 units built side by side with floor area of 68 sq.m. Both townhouse types have individual parking area and optional attic area.

Victorianne at La Posada
Location: Lakefront City Central, Sucat, Paranaque
Category: Townhouse
Lot Area: 91 to 164 sqm. (980 to 1,765 sq.ft.)
Floor Area: 177 to 197 sqm. (1,905 to 2,121 sq.ft.)
List Price: Php 6,600,000 to 9,500,000 Convert Currency

And yes, Pinoy hunk Derek Ramsay had invested his hard earned moolah in this chic community.

Click "Read More" to know what Derek has to say about his newfound home and to view interior photos.

Beautiful and brawny.

Is that all there is to Derek Ramsay - a 5'll"/175-pound hunk - who replaces Dingdong Dantes this year as the No. 1 among the country's top bachelors chosen by Cosmo Philippines (which ranked him, well, just one of them last year)?

The guy has something between his ears (as he has between other parts of his body).

Like what?

Find out by and by.

During this Conversation, Derek, who's turning 29, was on his way to Tagaytay to check the dream house he's remodeling a stone's throw from where his parents live. Does it mean that he and girlfriend Angelica Panganiban are settling down soon - in that house? Derek simply shrugs the question off.

The three-storey house is located in a village which Derek described as "San Francisco-based-themed," with a king-size bathroom (the wall separating the bedroom and the bathroom had to be torn down to make space for it) where Derek loves to laze about. "I like to be relaxed; I love to take long showers," he says. "I'm a pretty big guy and I can't be comfortable in a small bathroom. I turned the attic into the master bedroom and the original master bedroom into a bathroom/walk-in closet." -via Yahoo news

Postscript: You may be wondering why the article says "Tagaytay" and our entry says otherwise. The community is actually just a stone's throw away from Paranaque. And we're guessing Derek doesn't want to give too much details to keep stalkers at bay which he got haunted in the past.

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