Saturday, October 11, 2008

Interior Design Snippets: Dripping Ceiling

Rain has been scarce lately but it manages to make known its arrival. It's an unwelcome natural occurrence at home or at least my room. I was about to turn the tv on to catch CNN live when I noticed drops of water on the floor. There was no evident trace to spot its origin until I opened my closet and a stream of water ran down. After further inspection, it became apparent that my ceiling gave in and obtained a crack. Rain water found its way through it and was dripping profusely.

It's confirmed, my ceiling has STD.

Makes me nostalgic about the room I shared with my brother where the only problem I ever dealt with, post make-over, was how to rid it of Hepatitis.

There was too much yellow, it's dizzying. The yellow was too overwhelming, I was often rendered sleepless even with the lights off. I knew I had to do something about Tita Cory's favorite color to save me from insomnia. So I painted the ceiling and closet back to its original color - white. It made such a huge difference.

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At one point, I considered installing wall to wall carpet inspired by Regus' contemporary themed lobby but figured it would be tiresome to maintain so I trashed the idea.

Segue: If only pieces like this are available locally, I think interior decorating will be a whole lot fun.
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Today, my room's ceiling is a shade of blue and my walls, white. A friend told me that a room's color pattern should be no different from choosing an ensemble. Dark shades at the bottom and it goes lighter as you go up. So I am not sure if I made the right decision when I gave instructions on painting it greyish-blue when the color of my floor borders tan.

As of now, colors are the least of my concerns. Black and white, beige and pink, blue and orange, it doesn't matter. But who would want to sleep with a "tulo" in mind?

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