Friday, October 10, 2008


I don't have too much space in my bedroom (read: small) so everything has to be either well thought out or very functional. Like my bed, for example, which doubles as bookshelves. Today, I took home another addition to my modest sanctuary.

Recently, a good friend was selling some of his old stuff. One of the items that were on sale was a table with two pull out stools (as shown above). Just perfect for the small space. Finally, my favorite things found their way in a pedestal. The mirror I got from SM (you gotta love SM), the vase's an heirloom which my paternal grandfather brought back home from Egypt and the candle holders were from Thailand given by one of my wonderful friends.

I had to dispose my old bombo bar table and stool which I bought from EDIA. Found out they're still selling them for the same price as 4 years ago. If you want cheap but dependable furniture knock-offs, EDIA is the place to go.

And you have Paco for the really cheap knock-offs.

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