Thursday, October 30, 2008

Philippe Starck Blackbook Magazine Interview


Here's an interesting quote from the interview. We had no idea he's putting his midas touch in outerspace as well.

Speaking of amenities, you’re the creative director of Virgin Galactic, which is preparing to launch brief flights into the stratosphere in 2009. What stylistic details will be enjoyed by people traveling in outer space?

Oh, the rocket? I have spoken a lot about it with Richard Branson, and I was thinking at the beginning to give people a small bag with a lot of things in it, but then I realized that I won’t be doing that. Because you will be out of the earth, lost in the space, wearing a spacesuit we have designed, which is almost nothing. You will be naked in the middle of nowhere, with no gravity. You are just to see our world, to understand its dimension, and how it is so small. So when one person recently asked me, “Shall I bring my iPod?” I said, I love iPods. I have twelve iPods. But, if you are somewhere out in space, I think you can be alone with yourself.

source: blackbook magazine pinay scandal

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