Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quezon City CBD - Good or Bad Move?

There's an ongoing debate about the a big chunk of QC to be developed into the next CBD (Central Business District) probably overshadowing Makati. A lot of government agencies will need to be displaced to provinces.

Is this a good move for the majority of Filipinos?

Follow the article below by the city government and be the judge.

The emerging QC-CBD, slightly more than 50 hectares compared to the current largest CBD in the country, offers the largest opportunities for large-scale urban development in the National Capital Region and can put not only Quezon City, but also the entire country at the forefront of global investment and business interest.

The 250.6-hectare CBD represents roughly 2% of Quezon City’s 16,112.12-hectare land area. The plan is to organize it into five “districts.”

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QC CBD Masterplan

The overall land use for the CBD is mixed-use, which will mean provision for the following principal land uses: office, residential, retail, institutional, recreational.

Expected to be the district with the highest densities of the QC-CBD is the 54.3 hectare-Triangle Exchange. It shall be a high traffic district, with the highest land values. Its commercial (office and retail), residential, and other land uses shall be fully integrated with EDSA’s transit facilities, thus providing the best regional link and commuter access. The Triangle Exchange is also envisioned to be the most active area of the Triangle Park, transforming its office daytime office and service environment into a dining and recreational center at night.

The Residences at Veterans shall be a mixed-use community with a residential focus in its 39.7 hectare land area. It shall allow a range of housing types, from high-rise condominiums to medium and lower density townhomes. Neighborhood retail and community services can also be developed, particularly along the North Avenue frontage.

The Downtown Hub (North and East) is a mixed-use, medium-density district with institutional services and facilities (medical, education, training, science, etc.) integrated with commercial and residential development. It may retain many of the existing facilities even as new residential and commercial developments are established. It has a land area of 54.1 hectares.

The Emporium shall be another mixed-use medium density district but focused on ICT activities, e-governance, public, voluntary, international offices or services along with commercial and residential developments. Institutional (e.g. university-based research and development) and commercial IT activities including customer contract centers, and other BPOs are perfectly suitable for this 37.9-hectare district.

Mixing culture, recreation, entertainment, and a bit of residences in a mixed-use park is the Commons (North and East) District. Residential developments in this 19.8-hectare district are comparable to the prime residences of Makati.

Massive infrastructure developments shall take place in the area within the next three years. It started with the opening of one of the country’s biggest malls, Ayala’s TriNoma. Programmed to follow in the coming months is the development of the Park Lane, designed to open up access to properties within the CBD.

It shall involve the extension of Mindanao Avenue that shall cut across the CBD up to EDSA. It is expected to significantly shave off traffic in the North Avenue-Mindanao Avenue intersection. Another is the redevelopment of the current road traversing the entire stretch of the CBD, from East Avenue to North Avenue with additional roads in the VMMC compound that carves a way to Quezon Avenue and cuts across from the middle of the CBD to EDSA’s busy highway. Basically, the road network shall pave the way for easy transportation within the CBD area and is expected to reduce significantly the traffic loads in tangential road systems.

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