Friday, October 17, 2008

Real Estate: A Good Recession Investment

According to NuWire:
With the U.S. market teetering on the edge of recession, investors may want to re-evaluate their investment strategies to cover themselves in case the potential recession becomes reality. Accounting for recession can require some adjustment of financial plans. To that end, NuWire has compiled a list of the top five recession investments...

5. Real estate

Real estate can be a prime investment in times of recession. In times of financial uncertainty, real estate investors should focus on cash flow rather than appreciation. Cash flow is easy to see—the numbers either work from the start or they don’t.

Rental properties with good cash flow can be found in a number of areas across the country. For more information on areas with good rental cash flow, please see Top 10 Cash Flow Real Estate Markets.

Creative investors who are looking for cash flow may also want to investigate mobile home parks.
The others include precious metals, timber, foreign currencies, equities in countries with low correlation to the U.S. From "Top 5 Recession Investments".

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