Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As you may have noticed, we regularly feature our favorite designer Philippe Starck because he's just one plain genius. Here's a little history from our memory bank:

We first knew of Mr. Starck through his Louis XV ghost chair. It is a by product of Philippe Starck and Kartell's (U.S. home furnishing manufacturer) collaboration.

The ghost chair is basically a polycarbonate chair. The chair is reminiscent of baroque which naturally elicits fascination and excitement. Karen Davila, ABS-CBN news anchor owns several pieces of them. A Philippe Starck ghost chair fetches for $330 (Php 15,840) each.

Recently, we've been hooked with furniture designs from another designer. Meet Aaron R. Thomas - a Los Angeles-based designer, sculpts acrylic into furniture, artwork and colorful boxes. He says the "purity" of the material makes it exciting to work with.
"It both catches your eye, and disappears into the room. It's uncommon enough that people just kind of light up when they see it."
Here are some very "Philippe Starck ghost chair" pieces only they're by Aaron Thomas.


Click "Read More" to view the rest of the very interesting Aaron R. Thomas pieces.

Some pieces we manage to know the prices.

Acrylic Lounge Chair

The Vanity Chair

Zig Zag Acrylic Bar Stool

Hard Candy Box

Modern side table

Below is a tip on how to accentuate your room with one of his pieces

Some may ask why these pieces are insanely priced. Watch and you'll know why.


Anne said...

Thank you for your kind attention! It is especially nice that you have noticed how much care and hands-on attention goes into each piece and that you are sharing this knowledge with others. (We also appreciate the comparison with Starck- with whom we are currently working on a few SLS hotel projects!)

We thought you might like to know that we will be launching our new website within the week- We are expanding the online store to include many more chairs, tables, lighting and artwork, which previously were available only by custom order.

Thanks again!
Anne Ewen
Designer, Artist
Aaron R Thomas Design

House of Onika said...

Hi Anne. Firstly, thanks for dropping by and taking notice of our entry.

One really can't help but admire those furniture pieces by Aaron Thomas.

We look forward to more of Aaron Thomas's "art pieces".

Anonymous said...

Hello and Thank you for the post.
I appreciate your liking for my art.
We have just launched a new site and blog
Please Enjoy.
By the way I just got done working with Stark
On the SLS hotel L.A. We'll post the work soon.
Stainless steel, acrylic and beech wood Hydroponics tanks to grow all the fresh organic produce. Just a taste! If you can't wait visit the Hotel and see them first hand.
Aaron R Thomas

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