Friday, October 31, 2008

Quick, Easy and Classy Halloween Decorations

Forget the gore and ghouls. Halloween doesn't mean your decoration has to be bloody or downright scary. You can enjoy sharing Halloween stories or games with friends with a stylish Halloween look. No fake blood, no spiders, or molds of fake decaying flesh.

Here are some photos we found out that is perfect for a grown-up Halloween enthusiast.

Candle holders that have black stenciling in them plus add a handful of hay

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Gold skull, tea lights and a faceless pumpkin with hay trimmings

A glittering crow

Candlelit fireplace with multi-colored pumpkins

Or a painting of a leafless tree

Hope this gave you an idea to spruce up your homes with your chic Halloween finds.

photo credits: lepapillonvert

Home Accessories: Jonathan Adler Christmas Ornament Set

We find these Jonathan Adler Christmas ornaments really cute. We know, it's not even Halloween. But there are things that just make us giddy. It comes in a set of 4 including the pipe for $100.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Philippe Starck Blackbook Magazine Interview


Here's an interesting quote from the interview. We had no idea he's putting his midas touch in outerspace as well.

Speaking of amenities, you’re the creative director of Virgin Galactic, which is preparing to launch brief flights into the stratosphere in 2009. What stylistic details will be enjoyed by people traveling in outer space?

Oh, the rocket? I have spoken a lot about it with Richard Branson, and I was thinking at the beginning to give people a small bag with a lot of things in it, but then I realized that I won’t be doing that. Because you will be out of the earth, lost in the space, wearing a spacesuit we have designed, which is almost nothing. You will be naked in the middle of nowhere, with no gravity. You are just to see our world, to understand its dimension, and how it is so small. So when one person recently asked me, “Shall I bring my iPod?” I said, I love iPods. I have twelve iPods. But, if you are somewhere out in space, I think you can be alone with yourself.

source: blackbook magazine pinay scandal

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

World's Next Great Cities

Forbes is reporting on emerging great cities. Four of China's cities made the cut. Wow!

1. Shanghai, China
2. Beijing, China
3. Budapest, Hungary
4. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
5. Santiago, Chile
6. Guangzhou, China
7. Mexico City, Mexico
8. Warsaw, Poland
9. Bangkok, Thailand
10. Shenzen, China
Warsaw, Poland

HDTV Placement Tips


You're dropping major coin on an HDTV, so in addition to a great picture, you'll want it to look perfect in your home. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

1) Seating: While the distance between the screen and your couch depends on both personal preference and the kind of TV you have, you should live by this "general rule of thumb": If your screen is 50 inches wide, place that comfy chair about 12 feet away.

2) Lighting: If your room is super bright, make sure you go with an LCD or rear-projection TV-the last thing you want is a washed-out picture. Also, watch out for glare; a plasma;s glass screen is a bad choice if you have direct sunlight.

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3) Content: Before you buy, think about what your family watches most. There's no such thing as too big of a picture especially if you plan to watch a lot of HDTV programming, sports or films.

4) Sound: To put yourself right in the middle of the action, you'll want surround sound. The best sound you can get is fromm free-standing speakers. Or, if you want something less noticeable, look for slim speakers that hang close to the wall. some manufacturers will even paint them so that they'll blend in with your walls or cabinets.


As you may have noticed, we regularly feature our favorite designer Philippe Starck because he's just one plain genius. Here's a little history from our memory bank:

We first knew of Mr. Starck through his Louis XV ghost chair. It is a by product of Philippe Starck and Kartell's (U.S. home furnishing manufacturer) collaboration.

The ghost chair is basically a polycarbonate chair. The chair is reminiscent of baroque which naturally eludes fascination and excitement. Karen Davila, ABS-CBN news anchor owns several pieces of them. A Philippe Starck ghost chair fetches for $330 (Php 15,840) each.

Recently, we've been hooked with furniture designs from another designer. Meet Aaron R. Thomas - a Los Angeles-based designer, sculpts acrylic into furniture, artwork and colorful boxes. He says the "purity" of the material makes it exciting to work with.
"It both catches your eye, and disappears into the room. It's uncommon enough that people just kind of light up when they see it."
Here are some very "Philippe Starck ghost chair" pieces only they're by Aaron Thomas.


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Some pieces we manage to know the prices.

Acrylic Lounge Chair

The Vanity Chair

Zig Zag Acrylic Bar Stool

Hard Candy Box

Modern side table

Below is a tip on how to accentuate your room with one of his pieces

Some may ask why these pieces are insanely priced. Watch and you'll know why.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008



Here's a latest facade shot of Greenbelt 5. Click here for Greenbelt 5's interiors. And here before Greenbelt 5 came to life.

Snapshot of the Day: Reclining Buddha of Thailand

Reclining Buddha_Thailand

Here's a photo of the famous reclining Buddha we took during our trip in Thailand this year. The Buddhas in Thailand has greatly inspired us to play with the oriental theme as evidenced in our recent post.


My friends thought our feet did enough scouring in Glorietta and had to take their rightful break from the old buzz. So the next logical choice was TriNoma. As proof that Filipinos are mall rats, Trinoma was packed despite several on-going constructions.

Ayala's dedication for self-sustained structures manifests in this new business venture. It houses an oasis that speaks of clean and green but smokers in between.


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We were first timers at TriNoma so we didn't really mind sweeping the entire mall until we say die.

As I've read in blogs and heard from other people, the mall is like a maze whose stores were not distinctly segregated. Low, middle and upper classes are more likely to brush against each other's shoulders. Bad news for the "fierce and fabulous and pretentious," good news for us.


Some merchandises usually found only as sections in Rustan's have their own stores in TriNoma. In an effort to keep it more distinct from its Makati counterpart, they decided to install live mannequins. We happen to take a photo of one of them.

Fluorescent Bulbs Can Damage Skin

This is definitely one surprising news. At home, we have replaced all light bulbs to energy saving fluorescent bulbs for two purposes - to save energy and have more efficient lighting. Was it a clever move? Read on.


Energy saving light bulbs can emit levels of ultraviolet radiation sufficient to damage the skin, the Government's public health safety watchdog warned.

The agency issued what it described as "precautionary advice" yesterday after measuring levels of UV light emitted by the bulbs at the request of patient groups. They have complained that they aggravate light-sensitive conditions such as the blood disease lupus, eczema and porphyria, which together affect tens of thousands of patients across the UK.

Energy saving bulbs, also called compact fluorescent lights, have been on the market for more than 20 years and come in two types – "open" with the glass coil clearly visible, and "encapsulated" where the coil is enclosed in a second layer of glass and looks more like a conventional light bulb.

The research showed that one in five of the "open" bulbs emitted UV light equivalent to that experienced on "a sunny day in summer" when in very close proximity (less than one inch) to the skin, which warranted "some precaution". When the light was moved further away, beyond one foot, the UV level was below the exposure on a sunny day in winter and was "not a concern".

Open bulbs should not be used where the user is closer than one foot for more than one hour a day, the agency said. Encapsulated lights with a double glass envelope did not emit significant amounts of UV light, the research found, and could be used in place of the open kind for close work.

What do you think? We say, we'd still stick to fluorescent bulbs. Just be sure you get those in capsules.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Unconventional Furniture: Herculean Chair

Hercules Chair

Can you imagine it as what it really is? Click "Read More" to end the confusion.

Hercules Chair
We're just not quite sure how Hercules would feel. :) -via FAT

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Furniture: Slat Rack


Sells for $145 the Slat Rack is for all your cool stuff! Hang jackets, hats, helmets, bags, keys, umbrellas and a lot more. You can also place your mail, newspapers and magazines on the shelf. Photo shows 2 racks. -via wallter

Interior Designer Susan Foley Larson's 1954 Home


Here's what interior designers worth their hourly rate can tell you: ugly is temporary, but location lasts forever. In this case, a rundown 1906 carriage house with little curb appeal boasted a prime spot on an acre of land overlooking a grassy meadow with a mown path down to a bend in the Concord River. Near Concord Center, tucked among a bevy of substantial homes, the property also offered history, occupying part of Concord founder Simon Willard's original farm.


Her plan of attack for the carriage house was simple - get it into a form that she could work with. For six months, Larson lived in the home's basement with a toaster oven and a small refrigerator, ran her interior design firm, Inside/Out, and watched as walls were taken down to the studs, windows were replaced and cozy rooms created.

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Presto-chango! The sitting room (below) does double duty, being transformed into a formal dining room (next photo) for holiday entertaining. The entryway sideboard replaces the loveseat, while chairs and a tabletop stored in the garage create an instant holiday setting.


For less formal occasions, the gabled walls of the kitchen area create a cozy nook for intimate dinners.


Wallpaper covers the walls and low ceiling of one of the upstairs guest rooms while beadboard recalls architecture of old.


Vogue Living Australia November 2008


London decorator Veere Greeney graces the spreads of Vogue Living Australia November 2008. Enjoy the photos after the jump. Click "Read More".

Vogue Living Australia November 2008

Vogue Living Australia November 2008

Vogue Living Australia November 2008


Domino Magazine November 2008

Domino November 2008 JCrew

Domino magazine hosted a private little soiree the other night at the new J.Crew Collection boutique at 79th and Madison to honor their November 2008 cover girl and J.Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyons and the launch of their new Domino Book of Decorating.

Cesar and Sunshine move to new home

MANILA, Philippines—Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz have moved to their new home.

“The style is modern Zen,” said Shine. “We still lack appliances. Wala pa nga kaming sala. Next year na siguro ang housewarming.”

New house, new set of rules for their marriage?

“Sa tindi ng trial na pinagdaanan ng marriage namin, Buboy and I promised each other to stick together no matter what. We will double our team effort and trust.”

Shine was envious but not jealous of Buboy’s bonding time with his son (by Teresa Loyzaga) in Australia recently. “Nainggit ako kasi tagal ko na ‘di nakikita si Diego. The last time was when he was 5 years old pa. I miss him.”

Is she in favor of Buboy’s plan to run for governor of his home province Bohol? “I will support him, He has such beautiful vision for Bohol.”

New home, old dreams and a renewed marriage. Ain’t no MONTANO high enough to keep them apart.

Rufa Mae, too

Rufa Mae Quinto is also moving to a new place. “Contemporary modern ang look,” Pchi said. “My brother Chi who’s an architect helped me design it. Iza Calzado will buy my old house.”

Now that Pchi has built her dream house, is her dream boy just around the corner? -via inquirer

Hotel Maison Moschino slated to open next year in Milan

(NEW YORK) Why just wear it when you can live it? That's Moschino's feeling, anyway. The brand is opening the luxury hotel Maison Moschino in 2009, located in the old neoclassical railway station at Viale Monte Grappe, 12, in Milan. Rossella Jardini and the Moschino creative team are behind the hotel's design, which will include fairy tale-themed rooms, like a "Petals" bedroom and a "Dream" hall.

Each of the 54 rooms and 15 suites will be unique, and the hotel will include a bar, restaurant, garden, spa, and gym. Moschino plans to present the concept for Maison Moschino at the 45th annual TTG Incontri, an international tourism trade show in Rimini, Italy, taking place this weekend. Does this mean the Principe has competition? Time--or Fashion Week--will tell. (click here for the facade) -via WWD

No longer confined to clothes, designers such as Versace and Armani are now lending their names to upscale hotels and spas.

Here's a list of the rest of the haute hotels.

Burj Dubai Hotel

Armani Hotel
Location: Dubai
Open: 2008

Legendary designer Giorgio Armani is getting into hotels in a big way. He already has three under development, in Dubai, Milan, and Marrakech. The first to open likely will be the 160-suite Dubai property, which will be tucked inside the Burj Dubai, slated to be the tallest building in the world when it opens in 2008. The Burj Dubai also will include 144 luxury apartments designed by Armani. Something like a giant showroom, the hotel will use Armani's entire Casa line of furnishings and interior fittings—all of which will be for sale.

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Versace Palazzo

Palazzo Versace Hotel
Location: Southern Queensland, Gold Coast, Australia
Open: 2000

Decorated with marble, mosaics, chandeliers, and vaulted, gold ceilings, this five-star palace showcases the opulence and gaudiness Versace is famous for. The hotel includes three award-winning restaurants and a private marina. Versace and its business partners, Sunland Hotels & Resorts and Emirates International Holdings, have announced the development of a second Palazzo Versace Resort in Dubai, to be opened in 2008. It will feature climate-controlled private beaches, a scuba lagoon, spas, boutiques, an indoor cinema and recording studio, labyrinth gardens, and waterfalls. Rooms go for $410 per night and up.

bulgari, milan, interior

Bulgari Hotel
Location: Milan
Open: 2004

Located in one of the most prestigious Milanese neighborhoods—the Brera district, a stone's throw from the famed shopping districts of Via della Spiga and Via Montenapoleone—the Bulgari Hotel is set in the center of a 700-year old, one-acre (4,000-square-meter) private garden next to the city's botanical gardens. Decorated in a contemporary style with muted tones, the hotel's design is meant to invoke the classy feel of Bulgari. A double room costs $832 and up.


Bulgari Resort

Location: Bali
Open: 2006

Set on Bali's southwestern tip near the cliff-top Pura Luhur Uluwate Temple, this resort co-owned by Italian luxury house
Bulgari and Marriott International overlooks the Indian Ocean from 150 meters (492 feet) above the sea. The 59-villa complex features a private mile-long beach accessible only through the resort's inclined elevator. Combining Bulgari's understated elegance, classic Italian lines, and high-quality materials with traditional Balinese style, it features a spa located in a traditional hand-carved teakwood Joglo house. Rooms start at about $1,200 per night.

G Pink Salon

G Hotel
Location: Galway, Ireland
Open: 2005

The G is located in Galway, the unofficial arts capital of Ireland and birthplace of flamboyant stylist and hatmaker Philip Treacy, who designed the hotel. It fuses styles from Art Deco to Baroque to modern, and has racked up numerous travel awards. The Pink Salon is the G's signature room: With its Andy Warhol camouflage-print chairs and handwoven black-and-white vortex pattern carpet, it was designed to combine midcentury glamour with a contemporary twist. A double room starts at around $500.

byblos villa

Byblos Art Hotel
Location: Valpolicella
Open: 2005

Situated in a 15th-century Baroque-style villa in Valpolicella, the famed Italian wine region close to Verona, Villa Amista was renovated by Italian architect Alessandro Mendini. The interior is decorated in the contemporary style of hip Italian fashion house Byblos. The “Villa” is also a contemporary art center, regularly featuring the works of artists such as Anish Kapoor, Takashi Murakami, and Beatriz Millar. For connoisseurs, it also features a 14th-century wine cellar offering 300 of Italy's best vintages. The irreverent mix of classic and modern styles reflects the Byblos aesthetic. Double rooms start at $1,288 per night.

Miss Sixty Hotel

Miss Sixty Hotel

Location: Riccione, Italy
Open: 2006

Italian Jeans brand Miss Sixty opened the first in its chain of pop-fashion hotels in Riccione—nightclub and beach capital
of Italy and a top holiday destination for trendy, Italian youngsters. The relatively inexpensive hotel—rooms start at $148 per night—features funky decor to “fit in with the brand,” the company says. Each of its 40 rooms has a webcam so that guests can communicate with one another. A guests-only boutique offers a selection of limited-edition bags, jewels, and sunglasses. Miss Sixty plans to extend the hotel brand outside of Italy, so the “Sixty experience can
found in different parts in the world,” it says.

Missoni Hotel

Missoni Hotel
Locations: Kuwait and Edinburgh
Open: 2008

Milan-based fashion house Missoni, which designs clothing, sportswear, and housewares, is rolling out it first hotels in Kuwait and Edinburgh in 2008. Located in Kuwait's new Symphony Complex, the 200-room Hotel Missoni will feature views of the Persian Gulf and Missoni-branded facilities such as the Mocha cafĂ©, Lounge bar, and Spa. The 130-room Edinburgh hotel—intended to be one of the city's most prominent new developments in decades—will be located on the famous Royal Mile at Victoria Terrace and George IV Bridge. It, too, will feature Missoni Cucina, spa, bar, and lots of jazzy decoration.

- via businessweek

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