Wednesday, September 23, 2009


A few weeks ago, the Internet has been abuzz with a future construction of a shell house in Bandra, Mumbai complete with photos (as seen in this post) for India's cricket star player Sachin Tendulkar as pitched by Mexican architect Javier Senosian.

Click "Read More" to read the true story behind it and to view the interiors of this interesting abode.

The shell house at night

Living room great for entertaining


Receiving Area


Below is a video of the alleged location of the upcoming construction:

The true story:

This correspondent, however, rang up the Mexican designer in Mexico City
after a look at his homepage showed photographs which had appeared on the
net and thence in the Bengali newspaper but clearly said that the Nautilus
House as it is called in Mexico City had no plans of replication anywhere
else. The internet stories could be a fake.

It was early morning in Mexico and Senosian himself picked up the phone.
First, he hardly knew English. Second, he was rudely jolted early in the
morning by a name as unfamiliar as Tendulkar and this correspondent had to
spell it out for him. "No, noĆ¢€¦what is cricket? I have never been to India
and this is nothing concerning me, "he spluttered."

Who is Senor Tendulkar?" he asked incredulously.

Later he sent India Today an email which reads simply: "Your query about
the Shell House is accepted. That's not true, this house is not in Mumbai,
India, and Sachin Tendulkar is not the owner of this house. The house is in
Mexico City and Javier Senosian, Mexican architect, has designed and built
it here in Mexico. He has never been to India. I have a house like a shell
but we call it Nautilus House, and I don't have any work in India."

-via Bengali News

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