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Extrusions by Thomas Heatherwick StudioThe unofficial Barack Obama poster campaign by Shepard Fairey won in last year's BIDY (click here to view photo).

Recently, the official shortlist for 2010's Academy Awards of design, known as the Brit Insurance Design, has been released.

There were 12 shortlisted for the furniture category and 5 of those caught our attention.

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1. Extrusions, UK – Thomas Heatherwick Studio

Technology and Practice: Aluminium fabrication. Heatherwick Studio has pioneered aluminium technology to produce the world’s first extruded single-component furniture.
- via Architects Journal

HOA: While these can be mistaken as mere expensive molds, they are actually seats. Fusing form and function, they are definitely museum-worthy pieces.

2. Carbon Fibre Chair, Japan – Shigeru Ban Architects Photo Credit: 495design light a child could pick it up with just his little finger... weighing around 500 grams... light as a feather with a paper-thin silhouette, is still as strong as an ox, and a lot more comfortable to sit on. - via Wallpaper

HOA: Our office cafeteria should be furnished with these Carbon Fibre chairs and then we'd probably never have to wish we were working for Google again.

3. PARCS, UK – Designed by PearsonLloyd, Manufactured by Bene

PARCS is a room-shaping furniture portfolio that creates an unique working environment for meetings, teamwork, presentations, waiting and relaxing. Efficient and dynamic collaborations are achieved through the design by combing the PARCS elements to form various settings. The design feels familiar and unobstrusive, yet at the same time it is very modern. - via architonic

HOA: Our office cafeteria should be furnished with these and then we'd probably never have to wish we were working for Google again. Didn't we already say that?

4. Pallet Furniture, UK – Nina Tolstrup, Studiomama

Nina Tolstrup aka Studiomama, a designer based in London who's come up with a number of AT favorites, designed the Pallet Chair in 2006 to answer a design challenge to create a project based on a limited budget using materials found within a limited geographic area.
- via Apartment Therapy

HOA: Selling for £10.00 (as pictured above) at Studiomama makes for a good addition in your garden (or even home) furnishings. As AT suggests, you can personalize it by painting or adding cushion. That's why it's called the Pallette Furniture perhaps?

5. Repair Project, Lisbon, Portugal – Linda Brothwell

Linda Brothwell uses elements of traditional repair techniques to create traces that highlight the use of objects and the paths of people. - via Eye Magazine

HOA: We love designs with a heart and this project by Linda Brothwell perfectly personifies it. Locally, we have these "MMDA wall art", however, we think that WWD can do a lot better.

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