Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Just recently, Apple has released its tablet called the iPad. But more than a year ago, that term was used by a Kiwi architect for a simple and stylish designed home - Andre Hodgskin's second installment of portable homes.

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The iPAD is a 55 square-meter space which can be used as a studio, office or a get-away nook but it can also be transformed into clusters which allows for a bigger space. It will retail in New Zealand for $125,000.00.

One of the smart features of the iPAD is that it can be transported as a kitset and then like puzzles be built as one whole piece in its desired location with the help of a licensed contractor.

Its open space concept though does not give that much privacy.

But we don't mind sleeping on this cozy bed for sure.

The iPAD in pieces (click for larger image):

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