Friday, February 19, 2010


Has the wall stickers (decal) market here in the Philippines (or at least in Manila) never picked up? We've been really frustrated as of late because we wanted to spruce up our dining area. We thought placing a modern decal is the most convenient (and still chic) way to do it but there are barely any local sellers of decals.

Luckily (thanks to the power of social networking) we found some local (yes, in the Philippines) wall sticker retailers. But before we give you the list, here are some interesting wall stickers/decals. We're so drawn to nature *snicker*

Click "Read More" to view the rest of the entry and local wall sticker retailers list.

For direct orders of this design, go to Roomatespeelandstick

Here's the list of wall sticker retailers in Manila:
Do you know more wall sticker retailers locally? Care to share?


Anonymous said...

Hi! Finally someone with great taste on decals :D

farrah said...

Hi! I'm looking for available decals here in Manila and I'm glad you came up with an article :) Btw, may I ask from where is that huge, brown tree design you posted?

Anonymous said...

Dexteron has RoomMates Peel and stick in their Q.C. and Greenbelt 5 stores

Shopaholic for Kids said...


hope you can add us to this list of wall sticker suppliers.

you can find our items online:


Shopaholic for Kids

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Thanks for sharing these retailers. I've been looking for wall decals to design my daughter's bedroom. You're an angel. Thanks!

Jillsabs said...


Here are 2 more local sellers who distribute wall decals:

Violy Vallester said...

Hi try this facebook page too for more Wall Decals selections:

Thanks! ;-)

cristy lim said...

thanks for this list!

i've been a buyer though of Wall Candy's stickers. here's their website

Anonymous said...

You may visit

They have various designs to choose from and they can help you with the installation

Anonymous said...

Here's one that offers high quality removable ones. They have their own designs and customizes designs for customers too.

KT&T D.I.Y. Creative Printers

Anonymous said...


Can you please share where you got the last (bottom-most) picture?


Anonymous said...

Check out Wallastick

They have cool decals and chalkboards too. Neat! :)

Anonymous said...

I had my wall space installed & customized by dezign my wall team ---a happy customer here.

Sharing their website below:

Bianca Fernandez said...

Hey Guys, you can Check out we customize, have ready made designs, we can also replicate BLIK designs, its all on the site!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have used these stylish decals in Los Angeles where the weather is mildly cool always...wondering if these things will hold up well to P hilippine climate...won ' t they warp from too much heat and humidity.... said...

Check out for unique and stylish wall sticker designs.

We also customize!

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