Wednesday, February 10, 2010


American artist/designer Marcus Tremonto of Treluce Studios has added another masterpiece in his roster of limited edition lighting - the Carbon 451 Lamp.

Patrick Brillet, art gallery owner, asked Marcus Tremonto to design a piece out of Carbon Fiber:
"We decided to celebrate and utilize the best of the materials true physical properties, its strength and lightness. The complexity of curves and required thinness could not be duplicated in any other material while still maintaining its ability to support itself completely."

Click "Read More" to view the rest of his creations and where to purchase the 451 Lamp.

Vakpak Lamp (sounds like Pacman's movie)

Whole Light

Shadow Bulb

Pixel Bulb

On where to get Carbon 451 Lamps: Carbon 451 is being produced in an edition of 10 white and 10 black. For availability and details please contact the studio at

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