Wednesday, February 3, 2010


When food presentation just won't cut it, here are some unique and creative salt and pepper shakers that would add more pizazz to your entrees (depending upon your theme).

Designed by Woody Hsieh, this balance salt and pepper shaker is perfect set for Japanese themed dinners. Or simply an ornament on your table. $32

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Designed by Myan Duong, an industrial designer based in Texas, is aptly called Flavor Country. True enough - salt and pepper.

This set totally bends the salt and pepper stereotypes. This Biegsie Salt and Pepper Shakers retails for £27.99.

Fans of the Rubik's Cube, shake! Or grind rather. This Rubik's Cube salt and pepper mill requires no analogy to spice up your day and it just costs $19.99.

While it's just a concept, Switch Me salt and pepper shaker allows you to switch between salt and pepper at a switch of a button.

Now this is literally the Ferrari of salt shakers. This Renault F1 salt and pepper shakers retails for (hold on to your seats) $2216!

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