Tuesday, March 9, 2010


1. You use 'walis tambo' and 'walis ting-ting' as opposed to a conventional broom
2. You own a karaoke machine
3. You own a piano that no one ever plays
4. You have a portrait of the Last Supper hanging on your dining room wall
5. You have a 'tabo' (like a huge cup) in your bathroom
6. You have a rose garden
7. Your house is cluttered with 'burloloys' (trinkets)
8. You display a big laughing Buddha for good luck (part of our Chinese influence)
9. You have a Santo Nino shrine (basically an altar) in your living room
10. You own a 'barrel man' (schwing!) from Baguio

11. You have 'parol' (Christmas lantern) displayed during the holidays
12. You cover your living room furniture with bed sheets
13. Your lampshades still have plastic covers on them
14. You have plastic runners to cover your carpets
15. You refer to VCR as 'Betamax' even if it's a VHS
16. You own a rice dispenser
17. You own a turbo broiler
18. You own a lamp with oil that drips down to the strings
19. You have a giant wooden spoon and fork hanging in your dining room
20. You own Capiz shell chandeliers, lamps or placemats
21. You have a pair of wooden tinikling dancers on your wall
22. You have 'Weapons of Moroland' shield hanging on your living room wall
23. Your wall to wall carpeting includes the ceiling
24. You own one of those fiber-optic flower lamps
25. Your microwave, washer, TV, VCR, computer, printer, toaster and doorknobs are hidden under quilted covers
26. You have the entire Apo Hiking Society (Pinoy band) collection, plus maybe some Tito Mina and Pops Fernandez thrown in
27. There's a pail in your bathroom, just in case there's a water shortage or the toilet won't flush
28. You have fly swatter in your kitchen
29. You cover your sofa with bright red and green blankets
30. You still have the encyclopedia collection your parents got you from high school

We think we Pinoys have evolved in terms of our taste in home interior decorating. While there's still room for improvement, local (as well as international) interior design and decorating shows and magazines, notwithstanding furniture trade shows, have steadily diversified our approach in interior design.

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