Tuesday, March 9, 2010



Sometimes gadgets are an integral part of our home interior. Much like how Apple is very particular on the aesthetics of their products, we want our homes to be hi-tech and stylish at the same time. Sometimes these gadgets make for a complete kitsch look in our home interior design. Gadgets (with their range of colors nowadays) can add more spice in home interior decorating. Here are some we found online.

It's really neat, made out of oak and is 76x76 cm which is expandable. The table's a rebellion against the IKEAism of Sweden, as it is made out of real wood. ~ johnwennerberg


Copeland Furniture Catalina laptop desk in solid walnut with natural finish. ~ eurofurniture

I'm getting a new couch delivered in about a month, so naturally I had to move the current couch out immediately and rearrange ALL of my furniture this weekend. ~ lizrary

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