Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Decorating a 30 sqm condo unit can be a challenge and space is one of the most valuable commodities these days so a 30 sqm condo unit's lay-out should be well thought out. Here are some home interior decorating tips for your 30 square meter space.

1. Function over form - since you are dealing with very precious space, make each corner or space count. Decorate according to function. You would not want to throw in additional decor which will just eat a potential space for, say, a more comfortable couch.

2. Have a theme - in the series of photos, you will notice the black and white theme. Any theme gives the impression of organization making the area seem larger.

3. Storage - you cannot have enough storage. Make use of the space under your bed, tables, or stools. We have even seen someone transform his ceiling into bookshelves. But you don't have to go to that length.

4. Patterns and lights - go for vertical lines as it gives an illusion of height. For colors, it is best to use neutral or plain ones. But a well-calculated wall or floor design like these can still be used. Lights like drop lights or cove lights also give the same illusion of height.

5. Declutter - always maintain a spic and span room. A decluttered space not only gives an airy feel but it also exudes a utilitarian or minimalist look.

6. Reflection - Obviously, the key material used in this unit are floor to ceiling mirrors. If you are skeptical about using floor to ceiling mirrors, you may go for wall mirrors and use anything shiny (i.e. cabinet or door handles).

*special thanks to Dyan Giron for the photos


design4home said...

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'very nice post'

Vito Selma said...

i love this space!

Unknown said...

Katrina Cabrera:

I always search the net for condo designs.. this is the best of all the designs i've ever seen.. I like the color, the concept, everything cause it's suits my personality.. I have a 30 sqm condo but still and empty space.. :)

condo in Philippines said...

Love this space. It's so inviting and comfortable.

Paula M

edenton leather sofa said...

These are good points there. I have searched the topic and have seen people will go with your blog.

Unknown said...

Hello. I have a 31sqm unit. I would like to ask for a quotation for this kind of design (but I prefer contemporary earth color tones)?

Thank you. Myrna

Unknown said...

Nice one thank you for posting......

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Bonifacio Global City condo for rent said...

I think it is a very beautiful condo designing in this time and I am very impress to this design. Nice to live in there. Thanks for the share! :)

Clyde W

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