Friday, March 5, 2010

Is Interior Design Right for Me?

A reader who wants to pursue a degree in Interior Design asked us if we recommend taking the course even though she doesn’t know how to draw. We cannot answer this question with a simple yes or no because like many other things, there are other factors to consider before one can determine whether a certain course is right for them or not. Yes, drawing is a big part of Interior Design, but at the same time, you don’t need to be a master artist to be a good designer. Interior Design is more on vision and conceptualizing, something which is more or less already inherent, something not learned but cultivated.

During my first years in Interior Design School, we had classes that taught us drafting and how to render perspectives. These classes were meant to teach us the discipline of manual drafting and to improve our color coordination. These days, the technology to do layouts electronically are becoming more and more accessible and user-friendly, so the use of technical pens and T-squares are actually a thing of the past for practicing Interior Designers. But of course since we are talking about schooling, you will have to go through classes that deal mostly with sketching. I remember one outdoor class we had where had to draw the statues and the buildings in the campus. It was one class I did not excel in, but I submitted my plates on time, and I guess my efforts were enough for my professor to give me a passing grade.

I’ll let you know that some of my classmates admitted that they didn’t know how to draw, yet most of them went on to become professional Interior Designers. I must warn you, though, that you would probably have to work extra harder to keep up with your classmates but if you are really decided on becoming an Interior Designer and are willing to put in that extra effort, then I think you will be just fine.

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