Thursday, March 25, 2010


Facebook's Lounge Area

We've seen how insane the Google offices are - a sprawling cafeteria, gym, laundry area, sleeping nooks; you name it, the Google offices have it. Google's interiors and interior designs are a jaw-dropping sight much like its stance at the stock exchange. Today, we will show you the offices of some networking sites that are definitely tweet-worthy.

This 150,000 square-foot Palo Alto office is designed by Studio O+A. Facebook employees' ideas were solicited to come up with a redesign of their office space hopefully making them more efficient and productive.


Acquired for US$1.65bn in Google shares, Youtube’s office space is located in San Bruno California. Google being known as a "green" company would most have probably redesigned Youtube's office to be eco-friendly as evidenced in the photo right below. Caveat: Is that a Philippe Starck dwarf we espy?

Myspace headquarters is located in no less than the Beverly Hills, California, USA. Sharing space with its parent company, Fox, it is slowly losing its turf against Facebook both in its market viability and obviously, in its interior design. But I admit, nobody in this roster can top its geographic location. One word. Saucy!

LinkedIn was founded in 2002 with the professionals in mind. It launched in May 2003 and has 43 million registered users as of July 2009 spanning 170 industries. Similar to Google's headquarters, its main office is located in Mountainview, California. Caveat: Do any of you use LinkedIn? Because we don't. It's something we should think about. Also, we're wondering if this is free or similar to our previous Regus office where it's honesty system meaning you still have to pay for the drinks?

Who doesn't tweet nowadays? The biggest microblogging site boasts of a new office with a swanky interior design. reports "CEO Evan Williams's wife, Sara Morishige, reportedly aided with the interior design of the new office, reports Valleywag."

Photo credits: nitish1987, en-derin, techxav & SFist

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