Wednesday, March 24, 2010


There have been emails floating around the interweb that Won Park of Hawaii, moneyfolding magician extraordinaire, lives in a recreational vehicle. While the art of origami is very complicated especially with the use of a dollar bill, we expect the same from the owner's personal "artsy space." Ironically, this garbage truck turned rv's interior design is minimalist.

According to Won Park himself on his deviantart site:


Won Park here, There has been an email going around the internet and it says that I live in a Garbage Truck that has been converted in to an RV.

I find it very funny because I live in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I have a one bedroom Apt. I wish I could travel around in a RV and not pay rent. That would be fun.

Won Park

While it has nothing to do with interior design, we got really curious if Won Park is the real deal. We saw a video of him transforming a dollar bill into a dollar koi.

Won Park Folds The Fins On His Dollar Koi - Awesome video clips here

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Anonymous said...

I just got that stupid chain mail that says Won Park lives in the RV. Dumb.

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