Sunday, April 25, 2010


After reading countless times about that street in Makati notorious for its second-hand furniture shops, together with another friend, we finally satiated our curiosities. It is rather a feat to spot Bangkal for first timers so from Magallanes MRT station, we just took a cab. After a number of turns which seemed like an eternity, we decided to hop off the cab. Luckily, Bangkal street was just around the corner.

There were lots of antiques. A lot of these stuff are still expensive which beats the purpose of thrift shops. 

We fell in love with the plates. We learned that it came from England. It sells for, if our memory serves us right, Php700 or approximately $12 each.

We fell in love with these chairs. They make for a great dining set sans the table. It'll definitely give your dining area a lot of character.

Lovely busts and figures. There's one thing we fell instantly fell in love with.

A rocking horse toy! Andy of Toy Story would be very pleased.

Our main goal was to find an ottoman but we were eventually drawn to these charming chests (or bauls). Bauls start from Php4500 - Php7000. 

We learned that some bauls start as plain as this and they are taken to a place in Bulacan for inlaying. Those details are actually sourced from carabao horns.

The baul we covet but it was reserved! :(

Bangkal, Evangelista Makati
Most stores are open Mondays thru Saturdays from 9AM to 6PM.


fine furniture said...

Anything worth the pain for these luxurious lamps.they look so royal as if used in palaces.rare and exotic find.

Anonymous said...

Where is this place exactly in Bangkal Evangelista Makati? Any contact number or email address we can inquire directly?

Anonymous said...

wehh wala ka lang pambili

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