Saturday, April 24, 2010


There are lots of stories behind the acquisition and decoration of this condo unit which makes it more special for our friend, MA. We'd like to categorize her interior decorating execution as modern Tuscan with her evident use of one of her favorite colors - orange. Rustic-themed throw pillows, colorful tapestries, paintings, bowl of real fruit, antique area rugs, leafy plants, flowers, heirloom pieces and a granite countertop.

Tip: MA, got her couch at Sogo furniture shop and had it altered at no extra cost.

She had this wall customized with suspended racks. Soon, she'll have her LCD tv mounted on the wall. Cable wasn't installed yet thus the blurry reception.

What we love about her ceiling is the cove lighting. Her living room, dining area and bedrooms exude that romantic feel most especially when her dim lights are on.

Don't you just love her kitchen? Her cabinets are wenge-finish. For the unfamiliar, wenge-finish is the use of a wenge-colored varnish or paint. Her countertop is plastic laminate with granite stone imitation. The use of plastic laminate has become popular not just because of its cost but also if its low maintenance. Her kitchen air-filter hood is another item we love. It merely filters the air so it doesn't require an exhaust. Cool eh?

This is the view from the south. Notice how her kitchen backsplash make the unit seem a lot larger. Having mirror as backsplash is one of the wisest decisions she has made in decorating her space. On the bottom right is her automatic washing machine, a perfect appliance for condo living.

MA, follows the Feng Shui principles. She told us that her bathroom is the auspicious space in her home. An auspicious space is something that gives the home luck and fortune. However, the toilet bowl negates this as the flush acts as a vacuum. Fortunately, Feng Shui also has a way to counter this by placing a red rug, pebbles on top of the tank and a red wall. In her case, she used a red shower curtain instead. Another tip for Feng Shui followers is to place a mirror directly opposite of a water source like faucets.

Now the bedroom. She used a daybed and covered it with rich fabric. It is such a heaven to lounge on her bed.

Not in these entry are her closets, false walls and her home office. Her home office functions as a guest room, storage and clothes-drying area. MA achieved all this through research via the internet and interior design magazines. More than anything else, MA proves that nothing is impossible with hard work and dedication.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! thanks, Giles!!! I love it!!!..mwah!!


custom cabinets said...

I think this is the best that space utilization and decoration could be talked about.I love the way it is all done...economizing space and creating it through the use of furniture s and colors.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home for my friend! talagang ginamit mo ang pagiging Registered Civil Engineer mo!

jeff o.

Joseph said...

That's a really nice condo unit. The design itself shows your personality. It's very beautiful. Thanks for the photos.

office space

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