Monday, April 12, 2010


Achieving a zen inspired interior design for your 30 sqm condo unit is hardly a task since zen interior design gravitates around peace and serenity. Who doesn't want those in their homes? Now as we were browsing the web we read one interesting fact - strictly, zen interior design doesn't actually exist.

It's the zen principles transposed to home decorating ideas that does like calmness, clarity, conscious awareness, loving kindness all things and meditation. To achieve these things, keep one thing in mind. Nature. Play with pebbles, a piece of driftwood, a flower and a picture of a waterfall or a seascape.

They say that god is in the details, and here are some home articles we loved in this unit.


ardel said...

hi there! actually, pure zen designs do exist. easy examples would be homes or specific spaces of those practicing zen buddhism. in the design mainstream, however, the concept is just difficult to apply (most especially for Filipino homes). the emptiness of zen design may be pretty in pictures, but in person, it is quite unfriendly. i guess, only a few people can truly appreciate that kind of aesthetics. so, like what you mentioned, we just adopt certain principles to get the kind of calmness and serenity that zen spaces inherently have. :)

House of Onika said...

Hi Ardel! Thank you for this bit of information! We really love hearing from you esp. through your blog!

We are so backlogged with our blogging esp with the Pinoy ID blogs. We wish we could find time soon.

Thanks a lot! We really appreciate your comment.

Unknown said...

isn't this the model unit for 30 sq.m. in cambridge village? did you design this?

can i get you as a consultant coz we bought a unit thereand we're having a hard time on how to design the living room/kitchen.

House of Onika said...

Hi Cristina!

We highly recommend one of our interior designer friends Felice Capicoy. Here's one of her blog posts and how you can contact her:

Hope this helps.

arrielle_p said...

Thanks for sharing these interior pics. All of the rooms are so cleverly put together. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

Second photo is a perfect design for my new condo in Philippines. :)

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