Saturday, May 22, 2010


This blog is celebrating its third anniversary. In partnership with CSN Online Store, we are giving away a $40 promotional code which you can use to purchase items to spruce up your space. We picked four items (as pictured above) which falls under the $40 category. But why limit it to $40 when there are a lot of great items you can purchase from CSN Online Store? This giveaway is open to US and Canada. Not to fret non-American and Canadian residents, we are also giving a $25 prize from our Paypal to yours. Here's how to join!

Here are the instructions on how you can join:

1. Subscribe to our twitter, @houseofonika and be our fan on Facebook.
2. From the CSN Online Store, choose a home decor or kitchen accessory you'd like to purchase if you win and write a blog entry about it. Please include a photo.
3. If you don't have a blog, you can simply tweet the photo plus a comment and tag @houseofonika and @csnstores. OR post a Facebook note/entry.
4. Come back here when you are done with the post/tweet and give us the link to your post/tweet through the comments section. Please leave your email address and the country you are in in the comments section as well.
5. If the winner is a resident of Canada or United States, you will be awarded the $40 coupon code which you can use one time in the CSN Online Store. If the product that you want to buy exceeds the amount of the code, you will be responsible for the difference. Promotional code will be applied to all items in your basket. Promotional code expires December 31, 2011

We suggest, you pick the product that has free shipping and the amount is $40 so that you will not spend a single penny. If the winner is not a Canada or US resident, we will send you $25 from our Paypal to your Paypal account.

The winner will be randomly picked through and will be announced on June 5 on this blog. The participants can make their entry beginning May today until June 25.

Good luck everyone!


JSColdwell said...

Is anybody entering this?

House of Onika said...

Hi there. It hasn't picked up since last week. We'd really appreciate it if you can include us in your entry of blogs doing csn contests. Thanks in advance! Have a great day!

barb@blogfully said...

I tried "sharing" the picture in a tweet, but couldn't. I did retweet, tweet and follow (and become a fan) for my entry if that helps...
here's my tweet:

As for the product- I'd definitely get some clogs for my girls- they love those things...

JSColdwell said...

I couldn't find how to contact you, but I wanted to tell you the entries are a little confusing. Do we need to do ALL of the entries... subscribe, blog, tweet/facebook, leave the item you'd like...? Or can we just do one?

House of Onika said...

Hi Barb. Thanks for joining. That's perfectly ok. :)

Hi Stephanie - Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please allow us to clarify the mechanics here:

1) Readers need to follow us on twitter and join our facebook page.
2) Readers have a choice to blog (with a photo and telling why they chose the photo), tweet (tagging @houseofonika and @csnstores) or create a note on Facebook (blogging mechanics apply - photo and reason). We thought of these options to increase the probability of readers who could join (as some don't have a blog, twitter or facebook). Any would do. They can pick just one platform and they're all set.
3) Leave a comment with your (a) post or tweet (b) with your email address and (c) country you are in.

In Barb's case, she (1) joined our Facebook fanpage and followed us on Twitter. But is unable to share the pic on twitter so she just (2) retweeted our announcement about the csn giveaway ( That's ok with us too and (3) left a comment of her tweet. Barb's all set.

Thanks a lot again, Stephanie. We really appreciate it.

MrsMartinez | said...

thanks for dropping by my blog!
hope to see you again soon!

Jenny said...

I follow on twitter and I am a fan on Facebook. I tweeted with a comment, photo link, and tagged both of you. Twitter link:

Country: US
Email: jennyjoz24 AT hotmail DOT com

Rhonda Martin said...

Subscribed to your twitter, @houseofonika and fanned you on Facebook.
Rhonda Martin
I blogged about this giveaway with several pictures and a link back to this giveaway here

United States

Krissie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Krissie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Krissie said...

I decided you probably want this in one comment (not sure, tho) so here goes:
I follow you on Twitter (pudyqat) and Facebook (Kristine Peacock)

I posted this contest and a picture of the item I like on my blog
AllMyCrazyCats @

AllMyCrazyCats @

A GAL NEEDS... said...

I follow on Twitter (@Melahelen) and liked you on Facebook! (Helena.Lemon)

I tweeted this here!

daisydoo200 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Follow you on Twitter: rhoneygee
Facebook Fan: Rebecca Honey Graham

rhoneygtn at yahoo dot com

The Canady Family said...

Follow you on twitter~ polkadotteacher

FB~ Brittney C

The Canady Family said...

I would buy Maya Trend Lab products in pink and brown polka dot!

The Canady Family said...

I tweeted-

By the Way, I am in the US. Forgot that on the other posts.

House of Onika said...

Hi. Thanks everyone for joining! We will announce the winners in a while.

House of Onika said...

Hi Everyone, here are the winners for our csn and paypal contest:

If you are any of the winners, please contact us at the email found on the left side of the blog.

Again, thanks everyone for joining! Until our next contest!

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