Monday, July 12, 2010

How To Display Your Collection

Vintage cameras on display using individual boxes

Some of us love a good collection; from cameras to typewriters, from shells to dolls, or just about any tchotchke we can find. But sometimes we find ourselves stumped with a pile of stuff accumulated overtime. Now is the time to give your prized possessions the attention they deserve.

Greeting cards in horizontal and landscape silver frames

Each is unique as his or her own collection. As we mentioned, your array of collection can be varied. You have to identify your collection as you have to consider the space (i.e. living room, kitchen, foyer, etc.) to which you wish them displayed.

Typewriters on a ledge to serve as a kitsch divider

As there are many factors to consider, visualization is the key when starting a display of your collection. Do you want it to be a focal point of your room as they can be interesting conversation pieces? Does it deserve a special space in your house like a museum type room where you can invite friends to appreciate it?

Inspirational clippings hanging from lines

When you have your display tableau in mind, consider the materials and colors to use to execute it with your available space. You can use individual boxes, wires and clips, planks, cushioned bust or mannequins, glass cabinets - the possibilities are just endless. Colors are just as important. It will look more organized if you group items that have the same colors or shades.

Colorful brooches pinned on a cushioned bust

Decorating your home with your collectibles make your space more personal and inviting. It serves as a window to your personality and gives your guests who happen to share the same interest a chance to share their tips and tricks on expanding or displaying your collectibles.

Colorful toys displayed on a chocolate-colored plank

More Collections on Display

Vinyls on the wall make the space look vintage

More camera collectibles

Dearest deers on display

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