Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Time Is Here

Hello, ladies and gents! Mr. Onika is off in an island somewhere, sunning his perfectly chiseled pecs, so I will be taking over for the meantime.
I know this post should’ve been up weeks ago since you’ve all probably finished your Christmas decorating. But for those of you who like to do things at the last minute, here are some ideas for you.
We’ve searched the wonderful world of and found some items that we love, love, love!

Vintage Style Floral Christmas Lavender Sachet Pillows Set of 3 $12.00

We love these pillows because it's Christmasy, but you can still use it all year round!

Wreaths are a must-have for Christmas. Although green wreaths are okay, we suggest using unique wreaths made of other materials and colors.

Christmas tree embroidered ball, $19.00 each

These Christmas balls are so pretty, but they are also pricey. I suggest looking for something similar in design. A lot of stores sell glass ornaments nowadays, which looks really magical once you light up your trees.

Whimsical Ornaments Cups and Saucers for Four, $38.00

After a heavy Christmas lunch, serve your coffee in these cute cups and saucers!

Parisian Chalkboard Blackboard, $10.50

Serve your Christmas dinner or lunch in style by writing the menu on these pretty little tray/chalkboard. It's also magnetic.

Christmas Toile Stone Coasters, $20.00

Who doesn't love Toile de Jouy prints? Like the pillows above, this is also perfect year round!

Turquoise Distressed Pedestal Cloche, $36.00

If there's one thing I love about Christmas, it's the freshly baked goodies on the table on Christmas morning!

Clothespin Clips, $3.50

Use these lovely clothespin clips to hang your Christmas cards on the wall or on top of your fireplace if you have one!

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