Friday, February 11, 2011

The RONAC Art Center

The RONAC Art Center opened its doors to the public late last year. Right along busy Ortigas Avenue, you can find this one-of-a-kind structure standing out amongst its neighbors. If you take a look, the windows may seem small and insufficient for natural light to permeate, which is actually not the case once you see it from the inside. And here's a bit of trivia for you--the window design actually is morse code for the lyrics of Kanye West's Stronger. Amazing.

Secret Fresh and Gallery sells vinyl toys by Kathy Olivas, Ron English, Kozik, and Kaws, to name a few.

They also sell prints by famous artist JP Cuison for P1,500 each.
A view of the third and fourth floor from the spiral staircase. We just love the wood flooring!

The RONAC Art Center uses a uniform font for all their signages--even the signages for the shops at the Deck and the ground floor.

Terminal MNL sells clothes and accessories from Japan and shoes from Puma and Adidas.

A huge LCD wall adorns the facade of one of the stores at the Deck, where weekend chill sessions take place.

The Playground features a regulation-size basketball court with locker rooms for players. The court can be rented for P1,800 an hour without air-conditioning.

The second floor houses the Uratex mattress showroom, which we have yet to visit. The third floor is where you can find the Playground, where the coolest basketball court in Manila can be seen. Stores like Terminal MNL, We Legendary, Progress, Unschooled, and Secret Service can be found on the fourth floor or the Deck.

Finally, the basement/parking lot is where Bunker and the OBEY flagship store is located. The original art featured above is by Shepard Fairey. If you do not know who he is, he is the artist who created the Obama Hope poster.
The Ronac Art Center is located at Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila.

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