Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Learning the Ropes of Carpentry

Enrico or Rico as he is fondly called by his colleagues has developed a knack for creating furniture. Having been sent to one of the Nordic countries inspired this I.T. professional to kick-off his (growing) woodwork projects. 

1. What made you decide to pursue such hobby?

I recently moved in into a new apartment that has no built-in cabinets. I tried to negotiate with a carpenter to build them for me but he was busy. After a while, I remembered what my experiences from another country told me, the homeowners would usually build things on their own like paint their own houses, make their own patios, create their own furniture, and many more things that will not require special license to accomplish. I can build furniture too that will exactly fit the little space that I have. I also thought it will be fun. So I decided to just do it on my own.

Next project: 230x160cm cabinet.
Clamps fixing two boards
to saw at the same time.
2. How did you start?
I tried to think how feasible could it be. There's a nearby hardware shop so it's easy to get the materials. Then I started measuring and imagined how will it look. Do I also have good space to work on? Then I started investing on power tools. My first was a jigsaw.

3. What was your first creation?

A book shelf. Wrong measurements, misusage of tools and non-alignment are mistakes to be learned. But the book shelf is functional. 

4. What are your inspirations for your creations?

I'm always looking forward to get the "sense of accomplishment" feeling, which is very satisfying.
 5. How long did it take to finish your very first creation?

A couple of weeks. I can only work on weekends and my first was really a trial.

6. Where did you get your materials?

There is a nearby hardware shop where I can conveniently get the resources I needed.

7. Out of your busy schedule how do you find time to make your furniture?

I only do it on weekends, there are times when I even continue late at night when I just want to keep on working.

8. Do you plan to pursue it professinaly? or make it as a business someday?

As of the moment no. It's really difficult to balance the schedule because I also have a job and could probably frustrate a client when one piece will take me a very long while to finish. 

230x160cm cabinet: now look at the interior,
"I feel good with the results. some angles
are slightly incorrect but dismissible."

9. What other furniture do you have in mind that you plan to make?

I'm thinking of bed. But I still don't have an idea of how I want it to look like.

10. If let say you have something that you already have in mind that you want to create how do you usually start?

I usually draw how it should appear on paper, I draw the different angles of my imagined furniture then I take the measurements. I think of ways to maximize my materials, example all the possible cuts I could maximize a 4feet by 4feet board. And when I start, it's really hard to stop because the fun comes with it too. Until I feel really tired or it's late night or if I have to sleep early because I need to go to work the following day.

This bookshelf is my first creation. Lots of mistakes made, but lessons were learned. i'm happy that it's functional.
11.What part do you think you still need to improve in terms of the furnitures you've already made?

I really wish I could use the jigsaw with no guide and cut a very straight line. I also want to learn the tricks in using paint because I always use lamination which has its own disadvantages, that way I will know different combinations on how to end my work with the best polish.

* as reported by Kristian Hurtado
** photo credit: Enrico Agodilla

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