Friday, March 9, 2012

How to Decorate a 38 sqm Condo Unit

A 38-square meter space gets a two-bedroom  unit treatment. Among the areas, the kitchen piqued our interest. The downlighting (or recessed light) in the kitchen counter, while it adds a soft overall glow, is also very functional. The white lacquer finish of the cabinets gives the kitchen a very streamlined and clean look. The succeeding photos will give you an idea on how to maximize a space to accommodate two sleeping nooks.

Dining area is situated against a wall mirror and between the bedrooms
Chic workspace in the corner

Except for the chair, everything in this corner is custom made

Both bedrooms have built-in closets and lcd tvs

Wall art in the bedroom

Living room


Costwold Kitchens said...

The design of this condo unit is very elegant. It maximizes the space so it's very functional.

Lazada PH said...

You managed to make a small space look cozy and homey! It's really not an easy feat to arrange, rearrange and decorate a very limited space.

Abigail L. said...

Hello! Everything in this blog is AWESOME!!! May I ask if you ever had deigned a 21 sqm condo? If so, can you feature it in this blog? That would be a big help! Thank you so much! God bless!

ZALORA PH said...

With the amount of space given you were able to not only make your condominium look so elegant but you made it look bigger than it is. Such a great way to make the most out of all the space! You have a gorgeous home.


post ka naman for 22sqm :)

Anonymous said...

Nice post and tips. This condo unit is very impressive and a lot of ideas we could get here. My cousin is living in a 37sq.m. house and your blog is a big help for her on how she will decorate their house. Thanks.

Nehv @ condominium makati

Unknown said...

Hi how much will be the cost for a 38 sq. Meter? With the same design as this?

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