Monday, May 11, 2015

Condo Rental For New Parents

New Parents Ace and Mae with their bundle of joy, Megan

We've heard of the horror stories involving in-laws getting in the way of rearing your own child. Being know-it-alls, while natural, understandbly get into your nerves where the next best option is to move out. Well don't fret, as more of you procreate, more developers are bringing the freedom to new parents who are still building their finances a chance to be their own version of fathers and mothers. While this is not the case of our featured parents in this post, theirs is an issue of proximity from home to work as pregnancy and child rearing can be extremely delicate and crucial respectively among new parents. These have been addressed by Mckinley Hill's holistic approach of LIVE-WORK-PLAY-LEARN and SHOP.

After a year and a half of condo living, we ask first-time parents, Ace and Mae, about their experience as they turn a new leaf of finally moving into their own home in a different city. 

Megan on her colorful playmat

What prompted you to rent out a condo unit? How has this added value to your life as a mother/father/parents? 
The unit is just one cross away from the office. and the rate is very fair for a fully furnished unit. It includes internet connection, association dues, gym, pool and no need to commute. 

What did you like most about living in a condo? And how did this directly affect your caring for your newborn? 
Living in the condo made it easier for us to access the grocery stores, the pharmacy, the restaurants, hospital, church. It is a well located area, and can quickly visit my baby during office hours. 

What did you like the least? 
The tv reception wasn't good if only using the indoor antenna, but when cable was connected, clear reception was experienced. 

Stamford Executive Residences celebrates Father's Day which coincides with Ace's birthday

Did you feel you are more empowered as new parents with the accessibility and proximity of your basic parental needs? Can you give us a personal anecdote when they came in handy? 
Indeed the nearer your house to the office was so conducive that I can run right away to any urgent situation needed at home specially for baby's essentials. 

What was your most memorable experience while you were staying in the condo? 
Every week we go to malls to do the groceries, stroll, have the baby play at Kidzville and attend mass during Sunday. 

Did you have a chance to engage/attend in events at the Piazza mall? What was your favorite? 
Mini concerts were thrilling. And for the baby, the best was the 2015 McDonald's Easter playland. 

Can you recommend the same for newlywed couples/new parents? 
We highly recommend the same experience we had especially for starting parents. It will be very beneficial for them in all aspects of life. Two thumbs up.

It's a 30.5 square meter unit in Stamford Executive Residences (across One World Square, Two World Square and Chinese International School), Florence Way, Mckinley Hill, Lawton Avenue, Taguig City which is inclusive of:

  • Wi-Fi Internet connection
  • Monthly association dues
  • Use of amenities

On a side note for people who might be wondering if they can invest in a condo unit as a long-time investment, here's what has to say:
Just like any investment, your condominium property can last, can be profitable and can be passed on to your heir(s).

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