Sunday, August 23, 2015

How To Decorate A Living Room Wall

In decorating a living room wall there are several things to consider - design philosophy, size, color, ceiling height and budget. You can simply go for an accent wall with a color of your choice (or wallpaper) different from the rest of the color of the walls of your house - but still within your design theme or color palette. Or you can have an accent piece right in the smack of your living room like what our friend went for. In choosing the right accent piece, she went to different furniture stores and after a lengthy discernment went for a sunburst accent piece in silver and fiber resin. Why is there a gold trimming you ask? What are the challenges in hanging it on the wall? Find out after the jump.

As you can see it is silver in all its entirety. Our friend wanted a two-tone color so, as she did with some of her DIY projects, she thought of painting the inner circle using a gold spray paint.

 She didn't spray it directly on the sunburst accent piece. What she did was use a paint brush to paint on the inner circle. She sprayed the paint onto the cap and with the paint brushes she bought meticulously painted it.

Look at the details here as the areas are being painted gold.

Half of the accent piece have already been painted gold. What you would like to do is "drown" the areas so you can ensure that every crevice is painted gold.

Et voila! FInished product!

Now for the hanging of the piece. We drilled a hole using the standard sized drill bit. You would want to drill it on an angle so t is sturdier. It's like a 45 degree angle pointing downwards. The dilemma we had was how high are we going to mount it. We agreed that it has to serve a dual purpose - decor and mirror to fix yourself. Another was what to follow in choosing it horizontal center. In solving the two we went for the average height of a person for the former and the length of the sofa for the latter. It came out perfect just the way she wanted it to look.

Tidbit: "Marnie thought of Versace in choosing the accent piece for her living room".

 You cannot avoid leaving a little mess so it is imperative that you clean after you have mounted the accent piece. And there you have it. 

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