Monday, August 31, 2015


Maintaining a spic and span room is no easy feat especially if you don't have enough storage. The cleanliness of a room really affects one's well-being. With that being said, it is inevitable that the question, "What do you do 2x a week to keep you feeling clean and sexy?" pops up into one's mind. Clean? Yes. Sexy? How come? While these two attributes are on the polar opposites, we believe otherwise as a clean room exude a sexiness not only of the space but also of the owner's personality. We will tell you of the other ways to feel clean and sexy as shared by none other than one of the most important persons in our lives.

Join the #SexyCleanRevolution #IDoItTwiceAWeek #BETADINEFeminineWash
If you think that maintaining a household is a piece of cake, wait until you hear from our mothers, who, as Kat Graham said, "There was a time when men thought it was sexy to have a housewife waiting for him to come home from work in her slippers, but in modern society, I think an independent woman is even more sexy." They don't only need to look after the well-being of the husband, kids and the family as a whole but they also need to feel clean and sexy themselves.

This is where hygiene comes into play. And according to her she uses Betadine® Feminine Wash at least twice a week (or everyday during red days) to feel clean and sexy.  She firmly agrees that “Clean is the New Sexy” and thus encourages everyone to “Join the #SexyCleanRevolution #IDoItTwiceAWeek #BETADINEFeminineWash”.

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